Cycling in Sicily

Climbing Etna on a Road Bike: Everything You Need to Know

Often, we find ourselves answering the same question. How challenging is it to climb Etna on a road bike? Etna is the mother of us Sicilians. We call it “the mountain,” but from a cyclist’s perspective, it’s incorrect to talk about the ascent on Etna. In reality, it would be more accurate to speak of the 6 ascents on Etna. Two ascents are on the north side, leading to Piano Provenzana, and four on the south side up to Rifugio Sapienza. What many don’t know is that, whether you decide to climb from the north or south side, to “start […]

Top reasons to attend a Cycling Camp

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice enthusiast, attending a road cycling camp can be an exhilarating and transformative experience. These camps offer not just a chance to improve your cycling skills but also to explore new destinations and connect with fellow riders. To ensure you make the most of your road cycling camp, here are some unmissable things you should include in your agenda: 1. Scenic Routes and Landscapes: One of the primary reasons cyclists flock to road cycling camps is the opportunity to ride through stunning landscapes. Research and plan your routes to take advantage of picturesque […]

Val di Noto Ride

The area of Noto is one of the most famous around the world for its beautiful Baroque Style. This kind of architecture perfectly represents Sicilians. We are always too much. We talk a lot, eat a lot, we talk too loud, like decorations with a lot of colors. That’s what we are. 105 km 1,060 hm Download the route here   The area of the Val di Noto is not flat at all. Cassibile river, over the centuries, dug a huge canyon. We like to ride along the canyon, visit the old ruins, watch the beach from the top, and, […]

Giro D’Italia Cycling Camp 2020 Memories

      It has been a crazy year for us. When we started planning the Giro Camp for spring possibly the Covid was already “cycling” around the world but we could never ever expect our life would change in such a crazy way. The Giro Camp was planned for May. We already had several friends who had decided to register for the Camp but then for different reasons (quarantine, fear of the virus and so on) the group became smaller. Some friends will come in 2021. We have offered them to refund their deposit but some said… “No way! […]

3 girls, 3 friends, 3 mothers, 3 sports, 3 islands

Sicily is a tough place. When travelers from around the world visit our Island they will not find the beautiful long beaches of California, the perfectly organized services of the Keys in Florida, the postcard-like locations of The Caribbean. No, Sicily is different! When you are riding around the island you will see something beautiful and, sometimes, something that will piss you off! Roads can be perfect and roads can be shitty! You can climb surrounded by green forests or in a lunar-like landscape. Weather can be fresh and nice in the morning and crazy hot at noon. People can […]

Top 5 Tips for a perfect Weekend Ride (if you are not single)

All amateur cyclist will always have to deal with “the problem”. You want to go out for a long ride with cycling friends during the weekend and your partner wants to go to Ikea! Is not that you don’t want to stay with her. Is just that cycling is a time demanding activity. How to survive this? You already know that you cannot do both because after the ride you just want to eat and sleep! Here you can find our Top 5 Tips for a safe Cycling Weekend   ADVANCE PLANNING Everything is about planning! If you want to […]

Relationship with a cyclist: Shaved legs and implied fashion rules.

Relationship with a cyclist –  freely translated from an article originally written by Signe Soerensen.   My boyfriend enters the cottage’s terrace wearing tight black lycra from top to bottom. He is in a smart jersey from the popular Italian brand Castelli. With a cyclist ass packed under a chamois, he can almost compete with Kim Kardashian. His thighs look sharp and defined nicely raised above his knees. The calfs are shaved. His feet are squeezed down in a pair of tight, white, shiny shoes, which are expensive and uncomfortable to walk in. Awkwardly he walks across the wooden terrace […]

Cycling in Style: dos and don’ts

Yes, we have to admit! We think that style is more important than Watts! If it was not so then we were PRO riders and they simply don’t care if they are wearing a jersey full of logos, if they have to wear yellow fluo together with orange and dark green! In general there are simple rules that we like to follow when we go out cycling. Forgot the helmet at home? Just don’t ride the bike! Bib shorts must be black. Total black! We can tollerate navy blue. Never ever wear long pants with short sleeves jersey! Actually we […]

Cycling Across Sicily

I’m getting older (and even slower). In November 2018 I finally turned 40 and, thinking about me when I started racing and looking at triathletes of 39-44 category, is really strange. I thought: “they are old! they should stay home and think about something else”. But I found out that being slower gives you a different point of view when you are on a bike. Sicily is special in many ways. After 40 years of living here, I still discover hidden gems of beauty where the silence and the sound of your wheels is the only thing that you really […]

Putting Sicily on the Map

PUTTING SICILY ON THE MAP First published in Peloton Magazine

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