Team Members

All our team member share the same passion for Cycling and for Sicily. For us is important to show our friends that we are Sicilians and we are proud of our Island, of its traditions and we love to share our culture. Sicily is not the land of Mafia. This is the land of Archimede, Pirandello, Verga, Vincenzo Bellini and also of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino.

Sicily is also the land of great cyclists like Vincenzo Nibali, Giovanni Visconti, Gianpaolo Caruso and Paolo Tiralongo.

The President

Ciao! I'm Tommaso and I am the President of Sicily Cycling Club. I run a Software Company and I studied in Catania and at NYU after I had traveled all around the world during my life. I have a great passion for cycling, for bike, for food from all world and I am in love with my beautiful Island. Sicily is "special" in many ways. I love to show our friends from all around the world that Sicily is different from what they have seen on the Godfather movie. 

Sicily is all about history, culture, food, wine and Sicilians. 

Head Guide

Vincenzo (nickname Toma) is one of the coolest guys you could meet here in Sicily. He is a ski coach in the winter and a cycling guide and a triathlete (he is the strongest Ironman in Sicily) from March to November. He is always laughing and making jokes (and wheelies) and he knows every single road in our area. 

He knows everything about Etna: the history of the volcano, the lava caves, all the hidden treasures of our beautiful Mountain. 


The Teacher

Fabio (nickname Brucco) is a school teacher and is one of the strongest members of Sicily Cycling Club. He is a cool and nice guy with a lot of knowledge of Sicilian Culture and with a deep passion for cycling. He is really strong on both Road bike and Mountain Bike and won several local races on our Volcano.

Sometimes our friends from all over the world try to challenge him on the climbs... well it is not a great choice!!!

the Greek God

Aldo is a ski coach in northern Italy during the winter and a cycling guide when ski season is over. He is a cycling fashion victim. He describes himself on the bike always saying: "I could go to a wedding ceremony!"

He is a nice looking guy typical sicilian guy and one, one of our clients was speaking on the phone to his wife and said. "You have to see Aldo! He looks like a greek god!" For this reason we always refer to him saying... here we have the greek god! 😀

Mr Style

Valerio is a perfect cycling model and an amazing cycling guide. He knows every single small road and he loves to ride an all black Cinelli Supercorsa steel bike. He shaves his legs at least two times a day. Sometimes even during the rides. 

He can ride for thousands of km and always be perfect looking on the bike, including that time when he "Everested" Etna!


Jammo the Doctor

Luca is a Young Sicilian Doctor. He likes to travel and to post his photos on the social media. We always make jokes about this. Apart from this Luca is a very nice guy. He lived in Sydney for one year and when we have some friend from Australia he loves to guide them.

Luca is also an Ironman and he has the biggest calf you could see in our team!

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