3 girls, 3 friends, 3 mothers, 3 sports, 3 islands

Sicily is a tough place. When travelers from around the world visit our Island they will not find the beautiful long beaches of California, the perfectly organized services of the Keys in Florida, the postcard-like locations of The Caribbean.

No, Sicily is different! When you are riding around the island you will see something beautiful and, sometimes, something that will piss you off! Roads can be perfect and roads can be shitty! You can climb surrounded by green forests or in a lunar-like landscape. Weather can be fresh and nice in the morning and crazy hot at noon. People can be rough and people can be your best friend ever.

Sicily is the land of contradictions.

In Sicily, women are the center of the Family! We say that man rules outside the house but, inside the house, he has no power! Our Grandmothers were able to take care of the family during II World War while the man had to serve the country.

For these reasons, our girls are different! They can be caring mothers and they can be really tough and strong!

Giovanna, Valentina and Simona are like this! They work, they take care of the family, they train (they are triathletes and we call them the IRONCHICKS) and they manage to do this within a 24 hours day!

Sometimes they need to rest... Well. It depends on what you mean with "resting". So while they were drinking a beer (girls here are strange) they planned their perfect weekend!

Day 1. Catania to Vulcano. Girls left Catania, climbed the first part of the Etna climb of the Giro 2020 and then headed towards the Nebrodi Natural Park. They decided to stop in Novara di Sicilia and then go down and jump into the crystal clear water of the Tirreno Sea reaching Milazzo.

From Milazzo, they took the ferry boat to Vulcano where Giovanna owns a beautiful house (if you want she also rent it weekly) where we arranged the delivery of their bags. It was now time for a short run and finally a nice relaxing swim!

Day 2. Ferry Boat to the Island of Lipari. Lipari is the biggest of the Eolie Islands. Here girls rode all around the coast and this is not a flat ride! from one side of the Island it is possible to have a great view of Vulcanello and from the other side, you can see the Island of Salina. Then they returned to Vulcano just in time for a long swim.

Day 3. Return Home. They decided to return home on the coast road from Milazzo to Catania. They got the chance of stopping in Taormina for a fast granita to relax for the last couple of hours.

This is what we call a perfect weekend! Sicily is the only place in the world where you can experience this.

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