Cycling in Style: dos and don’ts

Yes, we have to admit! We think that style is more important than Watts! If it was not so then we were PRO riders and they simply don't care if they are wearing a jersey full of logos, if they have to wear yellow fluo together with orange and dark green!

In general there are simple rules that we like to follow when we go out cycling.

  1. Forgot the helmet at home? Just don't ride the bike!
  2. Bib shorts must be black. Total black! We can tollerate navy blue.
  3. Never ever wear long pants with short sleeves jersey! Actually we should say... never wear long pants because we are in Sicily and because you can always wear knee warmers and take them off when is too warm.
  4. Helmet must be black or white and no other color is allowed.
  5. Socks are important. If you ride without or with very short ones, then you cannot ride with us. You cannot even wear long socks (like compression ones) because you would look really strange. That is something for triathlets and it is not a style related accessory! Right length of the socks is right below or right above the lower part of the calf.
  6. Socks must match shoes (possibly helmet). You cannot wear white socks together with black shoes.
  7. Shoes (total black or total white).
  8. Many people ask us. Can I wear socks in different colors... well we can tollerate but don't push too much. If you have a yellow jersey you can wear yellow socks or, for instance, with our jersey sometimes we wear pink socks. We really hate non matching left and right sock (now they are becoming really popular) or socks with strange color design.
  9. Limit the usage of fluo colors. If you wear yellow fluo jersey because you consider it safer on the road then (next point)
  10. Use tail light when cycling. Now there are so many nice lights like XLite which are cool, small and you drivers can see from hundred of meters.
  11. Do not use a bike bag under the saddle. Just put your pump and tools in your jersey pockets. If the pockets design is correct you will have no problems with space.
  12. Arm warmers and leg warmers must be black. Arm warmers can match jersey color tough. But remeber to wear the arm warmers and legs warmers UNDER the jersey and under the bibs!
  13. Never ever use bike bag on the top tube to bring your nutrition (some people attach the bars with the tape on the bike... that is even worst). Again... you have pockets, use them!
  14. When you stop for a coffe, remember to take your helmet off!
  15. In Italy we drink coffe at the counter! That is an important rule here!
  16. If you reached this point and you are thinking "this guys are crazy (or idiots)" maybe you are right! Of course we think that you should dress as you like! because in the end the only important thing is having fun on your bike. And always wear the helmet!!!
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