Top 5 Tips for a perfect Weekend Ride (if you are not single)

All amateur cyclist will always have to deal with "the problem". You want to go out for a long ride with cycling friends during the weekend and your partner wants to go to Ikea! Is not that you don’t want to stay with her. Is just that cycling is a time demanding activity.

How to survive this? You already know that you cannot do both because after the ride you just want to eat and sleep!

Here you can find our Top 5 Tips for a safe Cycling Weekend



Everything is about planning! If you want to succeed you have to tell your plan your partner some weeks before. The best moment is when she is busy doing something else. She will not pay attention to you and you can always say she knew it and didn't say no!



Find a good reason why you must be there! Maybe is one of the guys’ birthday. Or you have your coach in the group and he doesn’t come all the times. It is important to be good at this. Be creative and don’t always use the same excuses.



Ok this is going to be expensive! But on the other end will put you in a position where you can say that you did everything to make her happy. That’s the trick. Buy her a gift card to go to the hairdresser. This means a lot of hours for your ride! She will be really relaxed at the end. The only problem here is that sometimes women return home from hairdresser and they are unhappy with the result. Even if you see something really weird you have to lie! She looks absolutely beautiful with her new Giro d’Italia Pink Color Hair!!!



Cycling is the new Golf! In the last few years cycling has become really popular between high level business professionals. Of course the main reason for this is that there is nothing in the world that can connect people like a bike. Because you share the same passion and because you also share your suffering.

So you should try something like this: “You know, I really would love to come with you to buy new shoes, BUT, I have a great business opportunity with the CEO of this company and by chance he likes cycling...”



This technique can work but is risky. Buy a bike to your girlfriend. Try to convince her that cycling can change her life. That cycling together can be something that can improve your life as a couple. There are pro and cons tough.

1) what happen if she becomes stronger that you on the climbs? this will ruin your life forever!

2) also... becoming a cyclist will open her eyes. She will know that the price of the bikes you own was not €1000 but 10 times more!

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