Cycling in Sicily

Top 5 Tips for a perfect Weekend Ride (if you are not single)

All amateur cyclist will always have to deal with “the problem”. You want to go out for a long ride with cycling friends during the weekend and your partner wants to go to Ikea! Is not that you don’t want to stay with her. Is just that cycling is a time demanding activity. How to survive this? You already know that you cannot do both because after the ride you just want to eat and sleep! Here you can find our Top 5 Tips for a safe Cycling Weekend   ADVANCE PLANNING Everything is about planning! If you want to […]

Cycling in Style: dos and don’ts

Yes, we have to admit! We think that style is more important than Watts! If it was not so then we were PRO riders and they simply don’t care if they are wearing a jersey full of logos, if they have to wear yellow fluo together with orange and dark green! In general there are simple rules that we like to follow when we go out cycling. Forgot the helmet at home? Just don’t ride the bike! Bib shorts must be black. Total black! We can tollerate navy blue. Never ever wear long pants with short sleeves jersey! Actually we […]

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