World is small on a Bike

Tommaso in SCC JerseyToday I want to share a small story about my cycling world. Something that is not supposed to happen. I'm Tommaso and I'm the founder of Sicily Cycling Club. Together with sicilian friends we like to ride our bikes around Sicily and Etna to show how beautiful our island can be on a bike.

People think Sicily is about Mafia, Godfathers, Gangsters and Guns... Actually it is not! I know, I love my land as every one else does with his own country. But Sicily is special. Full of contradictions. We were ruled by Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and many more people. You can smell history and culture everywhere here but we are really famous around the world only for the Godfather Movie! That's why I love to show that Sicily is fantastic also on a bike.

Last year we organized a Cycling Camp to celebrate the Giro d'Italia return to Sicily after 6 years and we had guests from USA, UK and Denmark. All the 20 guys that came to Sicily were fantastic and we are all sharing photos of us around the world on a bike on our FB pages. One of these guys is named Elvin and is from San Francisco. We were talking about food and wine all the time and he came to Sicily with a beautiful Pegoretti Bike and I really LOVE classic bikes!

Some weeks ago I was talking about cycling camps here in Sicily with my friend Leonora. She is the wife of one of my sicilian friends and they live in San Francisco too. She is very important for Sicily Cycling Club because she is the founder of Italy In Style company and she really knows the US market so every single advise from her means a lot to me.

One night I am sleeping and I receive two text messages. One from Leonora and one from Elvin. They met in San Francisco and they didn't know each other before. The funny thing is that Leonora recognized our Jersey because Elvin was wearing it. Yes nothing special you'd say... well not actually! Elvin was wearing our Jersey and Cap at night while he was having sushi at Leonora favorite sushi bar! THAT IS CRAZY! She stopped him and asked: "Hey do you know Tommaso?"

World is small on a Bike!

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