Top 5 Reasons to go on a Training Camp


The first reason is quite obvious. You will ride your bike for many hours every day. You will do much more climbing than you do at home. Here in Sicily is never flat! You always go up and down so at the end of the day, when you will upload your data to strava, you will be impressed about that!


After the ride, during a normal day at home, you have to go to work or you have to go to do shopping or you have to take care of your kids or maybe you just have to go out to have dinner with friends... During a training camp, after the ride, you have a little snack, maybe couple of beers (yes we are not PRO), a shower, a long dip in the pool and a massage. After that you lay a bit in your bed, send photos of the day to your friends, call home and then have dinner. In Sicily you will also have the chance of tasting fantastic Italian food. Finally you go to sleep and always wake up at the same time of the day! Because a good rest is the key to every good performance!


You need to plan the camp in a place where you have perfect weather. Of course it is also nice to have a long ride under the rain and then stay in front of your fireplace when you are freezing... but imagine you riding in shorts for many hours under the beautiful sun of an island like Sicily. You must be careful tough... remember to bring the sunscreen!


You perfectly know that when you are training alone for sure you can work on intervals but riding in a group is much better. Riding in a group you will always push more. If you are not a PRO and you are looking for nice people (old or new friends) who share your same passion for cycling, a training camp is the perfect travel. Also during a camp there are always cyclists with different cycling skills so you can find the group that is good for you. Maybe one day you want to go with the "Fast Group" and some day with the "Smart" one!


If you are from northern Europe and you don't have long climbs where you live, during a training camp in Sicily you will experience long steady climbs. If you look at the Volcano Etna itself you will have 6 different climbs of about 20 km to ride every day. The landscape is so beautiful that you will not even feel tired but blessed to be on your bike in such an amazing place. Many PRO Team train on Etna every year and the Giro d'Italia has chosen it even in 2020 as the first mountain of the race. In 2018 Chavez won on top of Etna and Yates got the Jersey. What about 2020?



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