Schmolke TLO Roadbar Review

The Schmolke TLO roadbar is Extremely light

The first thing you notice when you get the Schmolke TLO roadbar in your hand is how extremely light it is. At 150 grams this is by far the lightest 44 cm. (42 c-c) roadbar I have ever ridden. The Schmolke roadbar oozes quality it is very beautiful build and you really see how well it is made close up.

The bend is modern compact with a nice flat section where you place you hoods thereby create a continued flat section with the hoods. This gives you a good hand rest at the hoods. With a drop and reach of 126 mm. and 78 mm. respectively the bend is designed with ergonomics in mind. Change of hand position from hoods to bend and back is fast and comfortable.


The reach to the brake levers in the bend is fine. I tried different angles of the bar (barend angels) when the handlebar is pointing down by more than 5 percent I experienced that I hit the upper part of the bar with my wrist when sprinting in the bend.  I Got the roadbar angle dialed in where the lower part of the bend is very close to horizontal. In this position, I got rid of the wrist touching the upper part when sprinting in the bend.

With the compact sharp of the Schmolke TLO roadbar "wrist touching" cannot be attributed to the roadbar but instead, the stem length and height combined with your body characteristics is the guilty part here. I just need to bend my elbows more to get lower in the sprint - like Mark Cavendish - or raise the bar height which is, of course, not an option for a for an old racer.


Bigger oval top 

You have to get used to the bigger oval shaped top part on the Schmolke TLO roadbar if you come from a Bar with a round top. But I Got adjusted Quickly. Besides from making the bar more stiff it also gives you a good rest with you underarm if you like the pros use it as an "aero bar". If the bike computer could be placed a little further out Then you could actually come close to an intermediate aero bar resting the arms on the oval top of the handlebar while holding around the computer. I have found this position very useful especially on the flat roads.


High Quality Carbon

The TLO is made of the very expensive and very stiff Carbon called Toray 1000. This is part of the secret why this bar can be so extremely light at 150 grams and still be the stiffest bar I have ever ridden. My feeling has been backed up in an independent test where nothing beats Schmolkes handlebars in stiffness to Weight. But even if you compare total stiffness it surpasses most other much heavier handlebars.

Besides that, the stiffness gives you a solid feeling and a confident Steering on the road it also dampens road vibration very Well. It is a fantastic feeling with this superb stiffness combined with the road shock absorption.

An old Saying is; 'you get what you pay for' and that really holds true here. The TLO is very expensive but you buy a 'State of art' handlebar.

Schmolke TLO front1small