Pietre Di Gelo

Located in the countryside of Catania, the Property of Pietre di Gelo is owned by the family of our close friends Francesca and Andrea Valenziani. Their family has ancient roots and they wanted their lands to be productive as it was in the past. So they decided to leave their jobs in the city and become Bio-farmers. The main product of their lands are Red Oranges but they also produce Extra-virgin Olive Oil, grow vegetables, raise black pigs and they do this always respecting the nature and the people that work in their lands. Andrea’s girlfriend Justyna is from Poland and she is responsible of the distribution of Red Oranges in the North of Europe.

In 2015 they completed the renovation of their family house. Now they can have about 20 guest in Luxury rooms in the middle of the countryside of Catania with the most amazing view of the Etna you can expect. After a long day on your bike, Pietre di Gelo is the perfect place to stay in contact with the nature drinking the best Red-Orange Juice in Sicily and eating products you can take yourself from their garden.

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