Isadore winter cycling apparel review


Isadore long-sleeved winter jersey is made of a mix of 53% polyester, 44% merino wool and 3% lycra. This fabric is also known as sports wool and is of a high quality. By blending polyester into the wool, you get a fabric that keeps the shape far better than pure wool and when you add lycra you will get a quality that has a good stretch at the same time.

I like the use of sportswool for winter Jerseys because it is warm, breathable and at the same time looks beautiful. On the chest and part of the shoulders, Isadore has placed polyester fabric on top of the sportswool as an extra protection against wind. I tested it on the cold decent from Etna and it works pretty well. On the elbows, Isadore uses the same Polyester Fabric. The look of this reminds me of my granddads wool cardigans a look that again is fashionable.


Closeup of the Isadore winter jacket

The back pockets are made in the classic 3 part design and inside the right pocket there is a safety pocket with zipper and made out of a water-resistant fabric that protects the objects inside the pocket against rain from the outside and sweat from the inside.

The shape of the Isadore jersey is slim fit but be aware that like so many other wool jerseys you should probably choose to size down from your normal size if you want it to be tight fitting. I tested size small, which is my normal size, and the back pockets are hanging lower on the back and are not as tight fitted to my back as I prefer.


I have tested the Isadore Jersey on Etna where the temperature at the bottom of the climb was around 14 degrees and at the top, it was 6 degrees. Based on this experience it is my opinion that the jersey is a really good option with a base layer underneath in temperatures down to 12 degrees and when it drops to between 5 - 11 degrees I will recommend using a gilet or wind jacket on top of the Isadore Jersey. If it gets even colder than 5 degrees you will a need a warmer cycling jacket.


Isadore Thermo Roubaix bib shorts are created for colder weather and work perfect combined with a pair of knee warmers. The Bib shorts are made of Thermo Roubaix fabric that has soft fleece on the inside that with great effect warms the legs. The Bib shorts consist of different fabric panels on the back where there is contact with the saddle the fabric is of a strong quality that can take repeated stress from the rub against the saddle when riding. On the front Isadore use a fabric that has more insulation and protects against the wind.

The shoulder straps are also made of Thermo Roubaix fabric that helps keep the upper body warm. The Bib shorts is DWR treated - a treatment that makes the fabric water-resistant - that really works well the water pell of the bib shorts when you ride in a mild shower. The Bib shorts is not waterproof so don’t expect them to keep you dry in a heavy shower.


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The leg length falls in the normal range - not too short and not too long -  they do a splendid job of keeping the knee warmers in place. The legs have a firm and nice feel against the tights. However, around the butt and hip area, the compression is missing. The fabric though stays in place so it is not an issue just something you note when you put them on.

The inset is of a high quality produced by the Italian company TMF who is known for high-quality insets for bib shorts. Its design is really good and is placed well in the bib shorts so that it both supports a race oriented position and a more relaxed.



The socks are made from 41% Nylon, 49% Merino Wool, 8% Elastane, 2% Lycra. The socks are constructed so that there are abundant quantities of Merino around the toe area. It works really well to keep your feet warm when the temperature drops. around the middle of the foot, Isadore has used more nylon and Elastane that helps to keep the sock in place on the foot. The shaft has a traditional length and always stay in place. The construction concept of this sock is similar to other brands offering but the Merino wool around the toes is thicker than most other offerings so if you like me have a tendency to get cold feet during the winter then these socks are really good.