Isadore Jersey, bibshorts, socks and cap Review

Isadore review

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By: Thomas Opstrup // Photo: Thomas Opstrup


I have had the opportunity to test Isadore Climbing jersey and bibshorts, and matching cap and socks here in Sicily for the last six weeks. The Isadore Jersey comes in different versions I tested Mount Haleakala that is orange. A stylish jersey that is made of a mix of 45% merino wool and 55% polyester. It provides a great softness to the skin and on top of that the wool is odor resistant. The polyester retains its shape for a long time.

I have tested the Isadore jersey on Etna here in the summer heat. At the bottom - the beginning of the climb - Mount Etna is about 30 degrees celsius. In this hot surroundings, its cooling effect is on par with other good lightweight cycling jerseys. This is due primarily to the 3d waffle fabric that is used. It is effective moisture wicking and keeps the skin fairly dry. So you do don’t feel like a 'wet dog' on the downhill.

The back pockets are sitting correctly, there is easy access to them when cycling. In addition, there is a security pocket behind the right pocket. This pocket is made of a water-repellent waistband so that it can protect you belongings from rain and sweat. The fabric can be slightly porous so you have to just be careful what you lean up against on your cafe stop. How the fabric handles repeated washing, time will tell. For good reason I did not hade the opportunity to test.

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The Isadore Jersey weighs 160 grams in size Small which is similar to what Rapha's Pro Team jersey of the same size weighs. It is equipped inside with cable loops to handle the cord from the headset. It really is a delicious and light jersey with a cool design.


Has good compression and fit. Sitting firm to the hip, and legs and they stay firm when they become sweaty in hot weather. Isadore have used different types of fabric, which gives the pants a cool appearance and supports the fit. They have used a zigzag graphic pattern, which illustrates mountains on the side of the pants, as well as on the ends of the legs. It looks cool! The ends of the legs are rubber coated on the inside so they stay on the firm on the thigh.

The pad is from TMF is a reputable Italian manufacturer of insets for cycling shorts. It sits perfectly in the pants and has the right thickness (for me). The only thing I would complain about is that it is white. It can make it hard to look clean, when you have used and washed the pants many times.

A good quality polyester mesh is used on the shoulderstraps. They sit in  position on the shoulders as they should and do not 'hang' when bent forward on the bike.

The trousers weighs 175 grams in size small, which is fairly light. By comparison Raphas lightweight bibshorts weighs 185 grams.

The cap is pretty standard made of 100% cotton. The socks sits well, and remain in place at all time. They have a good modern length.



 Pros Jersey: High fabric quality, Perfect shape and location of back pockets, fit, attractive design, safety pocket with waterproof waistband.

Cons Jersey: Slightly porous fabric - you have to take good care of it.

Pros bibshorts: Good leg length, good fit, Quality inset.

Cons bibshorts: White inset can be difficult to keep looking clean.


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