Giro d’Italia 2018 Cycling Camp

In 2018 three stages of Giro d’Italia will take place in our beautiful Island. We will take you watch the start of the stage from the center of Catania at Piazza Duomo and you will be at the top of Etna to see who will be the king of the mountains in the most important stage of the first week of the Giro. This is the same place that Alberto Contador soloed to victory in 2011. Besides the Giro d’Italia you will ride some of the most beautiful roads and taste the great food of Sicily. Further down on this page you will find the program for the Giro Camp.

It will be an Adventure - We welcome you here.

"To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything."

J.W. Goethe


For the cyclist, Sicily is known for the volcano Etna but there are so many attractive places to ride. Besides taking you to Etna we will show you many beautiful places with exiting climbs, breathtaking views, and charming villages.


The area around Etna and Taormina has many different landscapes because we have a 3323mt mountain that is only 20km away from the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason we have decided that we will have two different accommodations, one close to the Beach and the other on the countryside. We want you to ride on our "secret roads". We will, of course, take care of the transfers of your bags from one location to the other. 


There are riches and mysteries galore in the Sicilian history from the ancient Greeks to the Normans. This migration of different cultures has given Sicily its own special character. Riding here you will experience all these different historical and cultural layers that Sicily consists of, from the beaches to the beautiful Baroc cities to the churches and castles and the distinct kind of warmth and humor of the Sicilian people.


Sicilian food is contradictory, just like Sicilian culture. It is an odd mixture of Italian, Greek, Arab, French, Spanish, and North African. Its dinner plates are living odes to the number of peoples that have conquered, colonized, settled, ruled, and emigrated here. The vegetables and fruit grown here are known as some of the best in all of Europe and the fish from the ocean is a story of its own. Food is very important to Sicilians and they always talk about it.


7 May 2018 // Pickup from the Airport every 1 hour from 8.00 to 13.00 and transfer to Hotel in Catania.

Bike unpacking, "Aperitivo", Presentation of the Camp and Special edition SCC Jersey and First Ride. We will start the ride at 15 sharp and it will be an easy 3 hours one just to evaluate the level of the guests in the group and to know each other. Dinner at 20.00.

From now on every day we will have Breakfast and "Aperitivo" before and after the rides. 

8 May // We start the ride at 10.00 and we go the start of Giro stage from Catania to Caltagirone. You will have the chance to watch the PRO Teams Presentation and feel the atmosphere of the Giro 2018. After the start we begin our ride behind the Gruppo at the Piana di Catania towards Castel di Judica.

9 May // Today we move from the first Hotel in Catania. You just have to pack your bags and we move them to the Agriturismo in Giarre. In the meantime, we go to one of our favorite rides along the "Secret Roads" between Etna and Peloritani. After that we will have dinner in a restaurant Giarre.

10 May // Big Etna Day STAGE. In 2018 Etna will be again the arrival of the first mountain stage of the Giro. We will be at the top of Strada Milia Climb. Will watch the PRO riders and cheer them. This year together we are organizing something special (and secret!) for you at the top. Of course you will have to earn it. So you will climb on the same roads of the Giro starting from Giarre. In the evening we will have Pizza in Tommaso's favorite pizzeria.

11 May // Can you go to Sicily without having visited Taormina and Savoca (one of the scenic towns of the Godfather movie)? No way! the ride today will involve many locations of the movie but also will be really beautiful! We love to ride in this area and we are sure you will love too. When we come back to the hotel we go and have dinner in another restaurant in Giarre.

12 May // Ok! The Giro has left Sicily today but we have to more days to ride our bikes. We want you to experience the same stage ridden by the "Corridori" in 2011. So we will climb Etna two times in a row (can you make it to the top?). First time we climb from north side then again to Rifugio Sapienza. When we go back to the Hotel it will be time for you sicilian style BBQ together with some beer and wine... well actually a lot!!!

13 May // Ciao e Arrivederci!!! Today we bring you back to the Airport. Tell us what time is your flight or if you want to stay some extra day with or without your bike. We will try to arrange everything for you all!


ACCOMMODATION You will stay in two different hotels. One 4* Hotel in Catania ad another 4* Agriturismo in Giarre.

AIRPORT We recommend that you fly to Catania airport from there we arrange transfer to/ from. Alternatively, you can fly to Palermo but you will have a longer transfer on your own account.

To and from Catania airport there are several connections from airlines like Norwegian, Alitalia, SAS, KLM, Lufthansa, Ryanair etc. If you have questions regarding the booking of tickets please contact us. We are ready to help you. IT IS IMPORTANT to have minimum 2 hours between connections if you are flying with stopover so the handling people have time to put your bike on the plane. In the unlikely event that your bike is not delivered to the airport on the same flight as you and first arrive the day after. We will give you one of our bikes (if size is available) so you can ride as planned with the rest of the group. We suggest you bring your pedals, shoes, helmet and one cycling kit in your handbag.

TRANSFER We will arrange your transfer to and from Catania Airport and the hotel. When you arrive we are ready to receive you and bring you and your bike to the hotel.

SCC will be responsible for the daily bike rides. All Customers will ride with SCC every day. You will also have the two owners of SCC Thomas & Tommaso as guides. They will give insight into the special location and the history of the different towns and places we pass through. If somebody has an accident or mechanical defect, he will be ‘picked’ up by the Support car which also has a bike storage rack for your bike.

LEVEL OF FITNESS This trip is suited for all people who ride the bike 1-2 times a week or more. SCC is the guarantor that clients of all level will succeed this cycling journey. If necessary, we will divide people into groups by fitness level.

BIKE RENTAL SCC If you don’t care to bring your bike you can rent, for €160, a full Carbon bike delivered directly to the Hotel.



  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel T/R.
  • 2 nights in a hotel in Catania and 4 nights in a hotel in Giarre in double room.
  • Half board (Breakfast and dinner).
  • Snack (we call it "Aperitivo") after the rides.
  • Secure Bike room.
  • Following Car during the rides with Mechanical Assistance.
  • Route program of 80/90 km a day and 1500/2000 hm.
  • Guides will ride with you every day and we will split the group in smaller ones with different fitness level.
  • SCC Cycling Jersey.
  • Pictures and video from the rides.


  • Cafe and snacks during the rides.
  • Wine, Beer, and other alcoholic drinks.
  • It is possible to have a single room for extra payment of € 200