The Doctors Cycling Camp with Sicily Cycling Club

Cycling camp for the doctors

Sicily Cycling club had the pleasure to arrange a Cycling Camp for 6 senior doctors. But don’t get the wrong picture they were in really good shape all 6. They stayed in the beautiful Ramo D’aria hotel near Giarre for 7 days. We rode around 700 km. and 12500 htm. in those 7 days in some of the fantastic landscape that Sicily can offer.


midway up the climb of Etna
On the lower slopes of Etna.


One of the guys, Nicolai, broke his back few days before his arrival to Sicily so he rode every day with a protection corset it looked like a mixture of a 1800s lady dress and Valentino Rossi’ armour - he could hardly breathe but nonetheless “Robocop” rode every day with the other guys and was very strong on the climb especially the last couple of days. That was very impressive.


Nicolai: "I need to lie down and stretch my back"


Two of the guys, Mads and Thomas, was here for only 4 days so they gave it full gas knowing that the other guys would have to ride 3 more days of the cycling camp. 

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Mads was the first on the top of Etna' south summit by riding the lower slopes conservatively because he knew that Thomas and Nicolai who was in front would break. Midway Mads just overtook both Thomas and Nicolai and continued solo to the top.


Thomas and Nicolai on the lower slopes of Etna.
Thomas "BIg Mic" and "Robocop" aka Nicolai are pushing hard on the lower slopes of Etna.

Mads is riding solo on Etna.
Mads has passed everybody and riding solo to the top of Etna.

Mads is first on the top of Etna.
The celebration of victory.


Thomas or “Big Mic T”, as we call him because he stands 2 meters tall like a professional swimmer, is very strong, had his trouble when the smaller guys attacked on the climbs like crazy.


Coffee for Thomas in Sicilian village.
Thomas aka "Big Mic" gets a deserved coffee.


Then there was Jesper, he was the clever guy when we ate lunch we could ask him questions about any subject. From the Danish five-masted Barque “Copenhagen” (Ship) to the theory about sky formation and he would excel like a living Wikipedia.


Jesper displays perfect hair on Etna.
Jesper aka "Mr. Wikipedia" arrives at the top with perfect hair.


Paul was always happy in the way that brings god wipes to the group. In his special made Italien Fire speed Etna cycling outfit he was sure in the morning that he could beat everybody. Not a bad climber but he descends like Gianni Bugno.


Paul smiling on the top of Etna. cycling camp
Paul arrives on the top of Etna in his "Fire jersey" always with a smile on his face.


Thomas - The other, the normal size Thomas - always did extra kilometers around the hotel in the morning that was not part of the cycling camp so he could boast that he did more kilometers than anyone else. On the climbs, he had hoped that his special Maglia Rosa Fausto Coppi jersey would give him wings but as Icarus, he burned them, halfway up Etna.


Thomas decents from Etna. Cycling camp
Thomas looks concentrated on the descent.


Thanks to the 6 doctors for giving us so much fun here in Sicily Cycling Club we really enjoyed this weeks cycling camp and we welcome you back next year.

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