Cafe du Cycliste cycling apparel

 Sicily Cycling Club has been testing a selection of Cafe du Cycliste cycling apparel here in the beautiful Sicily.


Albertine Jacket from Cafe du Cycliste

From the moment you get hold of the jacket you become immediately aware that this is a fashionable, high-end product. Aesthetics of this jacket is super nice and refreshing. The small front pocket in contrast color is a nice detail. I even use the jacket when I do not ride combined with a pair of jeans. From inside to outside this jacket oze of quality, and although it may look "heavy" on the pictures, it's actually incredibly light for what it is - 189 grams.

Cafe du cyclist1

When you take it on, you sense how warm it is. I tested it in about 12 degrees. Here it's simply too hot. It will obviously excel at around 3-10 degrees with either a base layer or a base layer plus a jersey underneath.

On the front of the jacket and on the front of the arms the jacket is made of a windproof nylon. This protects against cold winds while the wool on the back is warming and breathable at the same time. The sleeves end has a lycra finish that gives a closed and soft fit around the wrist.

Cafe du Cycliste jacket 3-1

Violette Jersey 

The fit is classic for a jersey made of sports wool - a blend of polyester and wool. It is by no means aero tight. It is a little big in size, so if you want a more tight fit, size down. For long training rides, it is perfect. The sports wool is a relatively thick quality, so it is perfect under slightly colder condition. I find it suitable for a temperature range between 16-20 degrees. Combined with arm warmers it is suitable from 12-13 degrees.

Cafe du cyclist6.1small

The back pockets are well placed and reinforced on the inside with a stretchy crossband. This helps keep the pockets in place when riding. Between the pockets, there are elegantly styled reflexes, and on the inside of the center pocket, there is an Interior cabling hole for your headphones. At the bottom, there is the classic silicone ribbon that keeps the jersey in place. The chest feature a little pocket with a zipper which is more like a fashion statement than really useful. The Cafe du Cycliste jersey appears overall very elegant and made with high-quality fabrics.

Cafe du Cyclist jersey 3-1

Josephine Bib shorts

The Bib shorts are made from a high-quality lycra from Miti in Italy. The fit is tight and the compression of the fabric perfectly balanced. The inset is made by Cytech who is known for their high quality. The inset has the right placement in the bib shorts for the race-oriented cyclist.

In size small, as I use the leg length of the bib shorts is well balanced - not too long or too short. At the end of the legs, there is a compression band with silicone grippers on the inside that do a good job to keep the bib shorts in place on the legs while riding. On the front, they have a fairly open design so it is easy to pee by the side of the road.

The design of the Josephine bib shorts is classic. Apart from a small reflex sewn in on the side of the legs, they are completely black, with a discreet logo on one leg. The logo is made in a way that can withstand wear and tear, a detail that many manufacturers overlook. After many washes, they still look good and has good compression. The Josephine Bib shorts will offer superior performance ride after ride.

Cafe du cyclist bib 2-1

All in all, I have to say that Cafe du Cycliste has made some fashionable cycling clothes of high quality and with beautiful details.
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